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Repair and Restoration Services

The subtle warmth of beautiful wood, rubbed to a rich deep glow. Graceful proportions and details enhanced by the natural wood-grain patterns of aged Oak, Walnut, and Mahogany. The elegance of classic design perfected through a lifetime of creative toil. Beauty brought back to life by caring craftsmen. The art of the furniture designer and craftsman is affected by the passing of time. Finishes begin to dull, catches and hinges break, and delicate details are so easily damaged. Simple daily use can diminish the beauty of even the most well cared for Heirloom furniture.

Furniture repair is often a must when you own older furnishings or antique fixtures. Though trained professionals in furniture repair can typically fix any type of modern chair, sofa, or table that you may own, most of their valued expertise is spent on renovation and restoration. They are skilled in removing any type of aging, water stain, gouging, staining, scuffing, or dent from wood pieces that have may have undergone wear and tear over time. Skilled furniture repair professionals offer an affordable alternative to replacing home furnishings and fixtures which may be precious or priceless to you and your family.

We love antiques, but we also understand that, new or old, antique or modern, a person’s furniture is a part of the person.   Our approach is to keep the customer involved in the restoration, and keep them informed of the progress.  Restoration does not always mean making an old piece of furniture look new.  Sometimes restoration means making the piece look the way it did right before the latest damage occurred.  Mom wants to remember every mark on her son’s high chair except the broken leg the movers caused, so we strive to repair the break and preserve the history of her son’s chair.  We take care to understand people’s desires and provide quality furniture restoration and repair services.

Please give us a call or send an eemail so that we might work with you to bring your prized heirloom back to the beauty and servicability you want!


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