"DJ's Woodworks"
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The Fine Print!

Here's the stuff that we all hate but is important to protect everyone involved!

We take our privacy seriously and we takes your privacy seriously! We will NEVER, knowingly, dissiminate
your email information to anyone without your express written permission. This works well as we will
never ask for your permission because we cannot think of anyone in the world who we would
consider giving it to!
If they want your email address, they may ask you for it! Simple, no!

We use PayPal for all of our transactions. This protects you, the buyer, and us, the seller. Using PayPal means
we never ask nor do we ever collect any personal information about you. All of that is handled by PayPal
who has security systems of far greater strength than anything we could put into place.

We will ship your item, generally, on the next regular business day after purchase. Most items ship free by USPS
in the continental United States. All other places will pay shipping at the same rate we are charged. We do not up charge.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us !
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